About CBIP Publication

Ø  CBIP brings-out various publications on Technical Literature and Journals related to Power, Renewable Energy and Water Resources Sectors which have wide circulation not only within the country but also in several countries through out the world.

Ø  The Board publishes manuals, guidelines, specifications etc. on Design, Construction, operation & Maintenance, Commissioning and other aspects of Engineering.

Ø  It also undertakes specific case studies.  Till date, it has published about 1500 technical publications and some of these are being used as text/reference books in technical institutions and design offices besides being used by other utilities/stake holders.

Ø  CBIP is publishing “monthly” issue of Water and Energy International Journal, covering special features on development and management of the activities in power , renewable energy and water resources sectors.

Ø  Indian Chapters of various International Societies such as ICOLD, ITA, IWRA, ISRM, IGS, NDC-WWC, CIGRE, AARO, IASH, SPE and INHA having Secretariat in CBIP are also bringing out half-yearly journals.

Ø  Old technical publications/Manuals are also reviewed and updated periodically.

Ø  The publications prepared by CBIP relating to these sectors cover the following areas:


v  Power Sector


Ø  Hydro Power

Ø  Thermal Power

Ø  Nuclear Power

Ø  Non-Conventional Energy

Ø  Transmission Systems

Ø  Distribution

Ø  Power System Operation and Protection

Ø  Metering


v  Water Resources Sector


Ø  Contract Management

Ø  Environmental Issues

Ø  Geosynthetics

Ø  Ground Water

Ø  Hydraulic Structures

Ø  Hydrology and Meteorology

Ø  Landslides

Ø  Natural Hazard Management

Ø  Remote Sensing and GIS Application

Ø  River Behaviour, Training and Management

Ø  Sedimentation

Ø  Soil and Materials

Ø  Tunnels & Underground Works

Ø  Water Quality

Ø  Water Resources Development

Ø  Safety Construction


v  Renewable Sector


Besides above, we have brought out the following Compendium:


Ø  Solar Energy Compendium of Regulations & Tariff Orders of CERC, SERC and Policies of State Government

Ø  Compendium of State Government Policies on Renewable Energy Sector in India

Ø  Compendium of Regulations and Tariff Orders issues by Regulatory Commissions for Renewable Energy Sector in India


v  In addition, we regularly publish maps related to Power Sector, Renewable Energy and  Water Resources Sector


The  Board also brings out special issues, some of these are indicated as under:


Ø  Tehri Dam Project

Ø  Indira Sagar Project

Ø  Bhakra Nangal Project

Ø  Chamera-II H.E. Project

Ø  Omkareshwar HE Project

Ø  Nathpa Jhakri HE Project